Quoi de neuf?


A couple of weeks ago I decided to return to Kalos, the fictional region in the Pokémon universe, inspired by France nonetheless, to actually complete the playthrough of Pokémon Y on my 3DS and beat the Elite Four. After a long hiatus I was finally ready for the Victory Road!
Thanks to TwitchPlaysPokémon who made me remember the joy of Pokémon games.

The region of Kalos

Thinking about it, it was amazing that it took so long to finish the game because I bought it (just) a week after the day it was released and I was super excited for another journey as a Pokémon trainer. Having played the series since it first started almost 14 years ago and missed only the first Black and White version (released in 2011), the thrill was understandable. I grew up with Pokémon. It was (and still is mind you) one of my biggest passions. But that excitement died halfway through. It died too soon. I kinda lost interest in the game when I was only at four badges, whereas to challenge the Elite Four you have to have all 8 badges from the gym leaders in each city. Not all was lost however, because I still played it from time to time while commuting on the bus or during the afternoon break, you know, that sort of thing. But that day I picked up my 3DS and went on a Pokémon marathon until I reached the finish line.

Then I found another long-lost title that would consume a crazy amount of my precious time.

I got Fire Emblem: Awakening free of charge late last year thanks to an offer from Nintendo where I had to buy a game from this list of games to receive a free digital version of a game from this other list of games or something like that.

Truth be told I was immediately sold and bought Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity (about €34 on Amazon) just to get my free Fire Emblem that would have otherwise cost me €40. A huge profit. Three points to me! Anyway, I basically received a code, redeemed it on Nintendo eShop, downloaded the game, and, guess what, left it to rot for months until a few days ago. And believe it or not right now I’m really hooked on it. The main storyline was finished in about three days (another marathon of course), but the game’s replay value is so high that I believe I won’t abandon it anytime soon. Just a final remark – I haven’t even started playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon yet. Nope. Another day, perhaps.

The soundtrack is awesome too.

And talking about good video game music, you should check out Suikoden Tierkreis. :mrgreen:
So that’s it. And oh, the second semester has just started. Yeah. But there’s no fun in that.

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